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About 2WinMills

2WinMills is a server network with a modded PvE server with a vanilla experience, and a PvP server.

Check out our PvP server!

Server rules

2WinMills PvE is a PvE server - this obviously carries an unique set of rules that everyone must follow for all players to have a great experience.

  • Be kind and respectful to all members of the community. Discrimination or hate speech of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • Do not harass, bully, or intimidate any members of the community. This includes private messages, public chat, voice channels, or any other form of communication within the discord.
  • Don't attack other players or destroy their property.
  • You may loot decaying bases, as long as there are no locks on the boxes. You cannot destroy anything player owned yourself.
  • Up to 4 cars per team. If you're a solo, you can only have 2 cars.
  • Up to 2 helis per team. If you're a solo, you can only have 1.
  • Up to 4 windmills per base. If you have another base within 100 meters, this limit is shared across both bases.
  • No stealing is allowed.
  • PvP is only allowed between team members.
  • Don't be a jerk.

Need any help?

Reach out to one of our INCREDIBLY friendly admins in-game or Discord. We're here to help... Just don't be too obnoxious about it.